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Dog CARDS are also known as military identification CARDS.Every American soldier has a dog tag on his chest. He is a member of the army's service, which is used for identification of soldiers.It is a set of (two) stainless steel sheets, both of which are 5cm X 3cm, with a 24-inch stainless steel long neck chain and a 4-inch short neck chain.Both are combined with black silencing gaskets (you can ask for a different color tone washer, of course), which is a must for military enthusiasts.
Military identity CARDS first appeared during the American civil war.The northern army, led by Abraham Lincoln at the time of the war soldiers in order to make their own identity in casualties when get confirmation as soon as possible, have privately created the brand of 5 cm square, buy or write or engraved on the army corps and the names of himself, with a rope or fine leather rope strung together to hang around the neck or in a pocket.The identity CARDS were merely voluntary, mostly paper-based and wooden and cortical.If there are officers and soldiers in battle casualties, rescue crew can according to the record of their identity CARDS, it is easy to identify the injured blood type, the names of the dead, to win time for quick rescue the wounded, provide the basis for accurately identify dead bodies.Though rough and simple, the identity card has created a history of military service in the world military history
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