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This summer, beer how little it? A bottle of chilled beer, could eliminate the hot summer mood, whether their drink at home, still on the night I met friends, beer is the most intimate in the summer. When drinking beer, the most depressing is the beer CAP, if you look carefully, you will find the way to open the beer is, and most often is that some people with his teeth, but this method will give your teeth buried a lot of risks, especially in contact with cold beer of the moment, feel the teeth smart. In order to avoid such troubles, we can with the help of beer bottle opener, easily can drink beer!
Beer bottle opener.
Role: Professional to open the beer Cap.
Material: metal, metal, acrylic and other plastic package.
Shape: animal shapes, card shapes, figures and shapes, and so on.
Beer bottle opener is open beer tool for saving time and effort, simply align the opener head cap, lift up slightly, bottle whizzing off, not only easy to carry and very easy to operate. Beer bottle opener is mainly determined by the handle, long (short) combination of foot, working away with the help of leverage, making it easy to open the beer Cap. Now beer bottle opener style very chic, hanging on the keys carry with decorations.
When it comes to price this one comrade I believe many beer drinkers know that if you focus on the type of beer, at the time of buying the whole, businesses will be given a general beer bottle opener. Complimentary beer bottle opener, of course we cannot ask too much, material belonging to the plastic bag of metal, plastic printed on beer brand, metal used in beer cover open, of course styles compared to the traditional. We purchased a unique bottle opener, only 15 Yuan, style, color, we can choose either, but also with a special key ring, carries more security.

Product details Material Zinc alloy Size 65X..

Custom credit card stainless steel bottle opener

Product detailsMaterialStanless steelSize85X54mmMOQ500pieceDelivery date20daysProcessDie struck+scre..

$0.83 $0.79
Easy to use stainless steel spray beer bottle opener

Product details Material stainless steel Size 150X35mm MOQ 500piece Deliv..

$0.67 $0.64

Product details Material Stainless steel Size 150X40mm MOQ 500piece Deliv..

Zinc alloy beer bottle shape bottle openers with magnet on back

Product details Material Zinc alloy Size 90X30mm MOQ 500piece Delivery da..

$1.30 $0.95

Product details Material Zinc alloy Size 60X50mm MOQ 500piece Delivery da..

Skull unique metal bottle opener challenge coins

Product details Product name Skull unique metal ..

$0.86 $0.80

Product details Material Zinc alloy Size 60mm MOQ ..


Product details Product name 3D daul-plating zinc alloy cut out ammo challenge..


Product details Material Zinc alloy Size 100X35mm MOQ..


Product details Material Zinc alloy Size 90X..


Product details Product name AMMO zinc alloy daul-plating challeng..


Product details Material Zinc alloy Size 70X..


Product details Material Zinc alloy Size 90X..


Product details Material carbon fiber Size 85X54mm MO..

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